About us

Our story

When spouses Biserka and Elmar Klein founded the trade business Bek Pušnica in 2007, their goal was to familiarize consumers with modern yet traditional
smoked delicacies. The experience and the knowledge they had was carried on to family Žuža who got in the business in 2009, keeping the name Bek Pušnica. Later, it became a limited liability company creating an oasis for a family business. The smoked delicacies are currently being produced in Kaštel Novi and the main plan for the upcoming period is to build a new, even more advanced production plant in Dalmatia.


Our goal is to introduce our production among the technologically most advanced in the trade of processed smoked fish and poultry delicacies not only by continuous investments but also by constantly investing in knowledge. Moreover, we would like to emphasize that on our way of quality and tradition we cooperate exclusively with the suppliers who have the same business views and polices as our own.


The top quality of the products that we want you, our consumers, to get is constantly being planned, reviewed and met with the high standards of the HACCP system.

hladni dim


We are on a mission to create an original high-quality brand that connects generations of consumers with its flavour. Our most valuable assets are our employees, top recipes and high-quality products. We are developing our business by developing ourselves independently and by forming transparent relationships with our partners and the communities we do business with.


Bek Pušnica d.o.o. is a company that wants to launch its high-quality products to the European and world market, expand the production and open new job positions. The aim of the company is to maintain this positive period of expanding i.e., to make new business deals around the Europe and the world.

Our Products

We make our products in a modern yet traditional way, with no use of food additives, flavour or volume enhancers of any kind and using the natural resources in our production. We want to give our customers our knowledge and our experience along with the flavours of the smoked delicacies.

“Life is too short to eat bad food.”